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Covid Patient Manager20 Software Foundation Project

Contributing Software Foundation Project to help fight Corona virus

Covid-19 Software

Record,Track and Manage Corona Virus Cases

Covid-19 Software

Record,Track and Manage Corona Virus Cases

About Covid Patient Manager20?

Covid Patient Manager20 is a simple but powerful custom software created to support clinics and hospitals in the help of fighting the corona virus pandemic.

The software is to help record, track and manage covid-19 cases in various countries and domains.

Covid Patient Manager20 is created with the ambition of knowing that not only hardware kits is needed to fighting against covid-19 but also software solutions and software tools is needed as well.

The software connects to the clinic or hospital Database server locally or remotely using a secured connection access after which the admin or lab scientist can log in and record, track and manage corona cases in their domain.

Why we need Funding or Donation?

  1. We need funding to acquire highly dedicated vps server to host our source code for world wide contribution and scalability.

  2. We need funding to acquire high performance programming gadgets such as keyboards,mouse,testing printers,laptops,monitors etc

  3. We need funding to fund interested and dedicated code contributors world wide.

  4. We need funding to afford high speed internet solution for coding,development,hosting and more research on covid-19

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